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Order of Interbeing: Practice and Study Guide for Aspirants

Lyn Fine (510-655-1628;

April, 2001



    For a Future To Be Possible


    Being Peace
    Miracle of Mindfulness
    Peace Is Every Step
    Old Path, White Clouds
    The Sun My Heart
    Zen Keys


    Breathe! You Are Alive!
    Transformation and Healing
    Our Appointment with Life
    The Heart of Understanding
    The Diamond that Cuts Through Illusion
    Thundering Silence
    Sutra on the Eight Realizations
    Sutra on the White-clad Disciple

Plum Village Chanting and Recitation Book
The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching
Stepping into Freedom (familiarity with monastic practice)

Sangha Building (Jack Lawlor)
Short Stories/Poetry (Taste of Earth; Hermitage in the Clouds; Please Call Me By My True Names)
Engaged Buddhism lnterfaith (Love in Action; Learning True Love; The Raft is not the Shore; Living Buddha, Living Christ; Gogin Home)

Other Resources of interest

A Basket of Plums--Songbook
The Mindfulness Bell--journal: back issues available from Parallax
How To Enjoy Your Stay at Plum Village--booklet
Be Free Where You Are--TNH Dharma Talk at a prison
Mindfulness Practice Center Manual
NonViolent Communication, A Language of Compassion--Marshall Rosenberg
Engaged Buddhism in the West, ad by Christopher S. Queen
The Tao of Leadership by John Heider
The Tao of Mentoring

Videos: Awakening Bell; Peace Is Every Step; others.

Websites: Plum Village; Mindfulness Bell; Parallax; Mountain Sangha How to Start an MPC on a College Campus--and many sangha websites (Search: Order of Interbeing; Community of Mindful Living; Thich Nhat Hanh)

UK - Community of Interbeing


60 days of mindfulness
Family and other relationships
Socially Engaged Practice
Workplace practice/Right livelihood


Dharma Discussion Facilitation
Mindful Conflict Resolution
Organizing a Day of Mindfulness
Leading a Day of Mindfulness
Organizing a Retreat


Songs and chants
Inviting the Bell
Gathas (Present Moment, Wonderful Moment)
Mindful Movements
Guided Meditation (Blooming of a Lotus)
Deep Relaxation
Touching the Earth (5 Touchings; 3 Touchings. Plum Village Chanting and Recitatin Book)


    Sitting Meditation
    Walking Meditation (The Long Road Leads to Joy)
    Eating Meditation Telephone Meditation
    Hearing the Bell

5 Mindfulness Training Recitation Ceremony

    Offering Incense
    Chanting Heart Sutra

Tea Ceremony
Beginning Anew
Four Mantras
Lovingkindness Prayers
Peace Treaty
Sangha Vows
Hugging Meditation
Evoking Bodhisattvas' Names
Three Refuges
Second Body Practice
Shining the Light Practice

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