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Excerpt about the Order of Interbeing

Eye, of the Buddha Retreat

Plum Village, June 2000

"[The Order of Interbeing] is like a beehive without a leader. This is possible. There is no leader. We do not need a leader in order to give orders. We can operate like the neurons in the brain or the ants in the ant hill. It is perfectly possible, provided we have a very good network of communication,

If we have good communication, that is enough. If communication is there, then any group of brothers or sisters can start a project. Everyone will observe them and everyone will come and help, just like the termites: When they see something going on, they are excited, they communicate more, they come, and they help build the colonies. This is a very exciting perspective. In the past we elected a leadership, but I don't think that we need it. We need something like a coordinating committee in order to the information to flow, back and forth. Anyone in the Order profits from the wisdom of everyone. Everyone can learn from the mistakes of everyone. Therefore, anything can be helpful.

"So, communication is the key word. Email is one of the means. I think if a member of the Order lives beautifully, if her practice of the Trainings is perfect, she can build a beautiful sangha, create greater happiness-this is also communication. Very soon, people become aware. It communicates very far, very quickly. She may not need an email address, because you cannot hide anything from anyone, whether it is positive or negative. This is the very essence of community, of Sangha,

"If you are happy, people know that you are happy. If you are not, people know that you are not. Our principle is that when you are happy, then you have something to share."

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