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Conflict Resolution Concepts

1.         CONFLICT EXISTS. Conflict is a part of our everyday lives. Even though we learn skills to deal with conflict, it will continue to exist.

2.         WE CAN GROW THROUGH CONFLICT, When we learn and practice the skills of communication and conflict resolution, we learn to deal with conflict creatively.

3.        THERE ISN'T NECESSARILY ONE "RIGHT" ANSWER TO A PROBLEM We are trying to teach about the complexity of conflict and to encourage children to lea rn how to solve their own problems. We encourage people to explore various solutions and to decide on the solution that is best for them.

4.         WE CAN ALL LEARN THE SKILLS TO SOLVE OUR OWN PROBLEMS. By ~ learning communication and creative conflict resolution skills, we can become better it solving problems.

5.         THERE ARE MANY ALTERNATIVES. Through practice, we can learn the skill of generating many creative alternative solutions which usually do not occur to us.

6.         FEELINGS ARE IMPORTANT. Sometimes we cannot even begin to get at the reason(s) for a conflict until we deal with the underlying feelings.

7.         HOW WE DEFINE A PROBLEM RELATES TO HOW WE SOLVE THAT PROBLEM. The more specifically we define a problem, the more specific the solution will be.

S.        WITH PRACTICE WE CAN BECOME BETTER AND BETTER AT RESOLVING CONFLICT. We are not born problem solvers. We can learn these skills and grow in our use of them.

9.        SOMETIMES WE CAN ALL WIN. We can create win‑win solutions when e use our conflict resolution skills.

Thanks for Children's Creative Response to Conflict Program (CCRC) for this list of concepts.



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